Introducing Maybell's Big Fridge, the New Platform for Scaled Quantum

Last year, Maybell emerged from stealth and revolutionized quantum cryogenics with the Maybell Fridge, a dilution refrigerator which supports 3x the qubits in 1/10th the space of competing systems. Their Big Fridge is ready for the most ambitious quantum workloads, with a base temperature under 10mK, over 130L of sample volume, 600L of total internal volume, and more than 4,000cm2 of area on the mixing chamber plate.

"Our Big Fridge lets you cool more with less," says Kyle Thompson, Maybell's Co-Founder and CTO. "We've doubled the cooling power to 1000µW at 100mK and quadrupled experimental volume compared with our original Fridge, while increasing system footprint by only 50%. The Big Fridge is the most capable and efficient dilution refrigerator ever made."

The Big Fridge's outsized performance is facilitated by Maybell's robust patent portfolio, including groundbreaking Flexline wiring, a more efficient thermalization and attenuation layout, a proprietary integrated pulse tube, and a form factor that dramatically reduces footprint, thermal mass, and radiative heat loads. For example, where traditional round dilution refrigerators dedicate 10-25% of plate area to user wiring, the Big Fridge dedicates over 50% of plate area to user wiring, reducing excess heat loads. This leads to a more efficient system and supports running multiple experiments simultaneously.

Maybell's unique parallel-loading wiring inserts make the Big Fridge the only system on the market that allows large samples to be wired outside the fridge and loaded as a single assembly. The Big Fridge is also backward-compatible, with plate spacing that matches competing systems, allowing users to embrace the Maybell advantage without changing wiring or custom fixtures.

"Maybell's commitment to ease of use, performance, and reliability manifests in every detail of the Big Fridge's design," says Maybell's CEO, Corban Tillemann-Dick. "Our groundbreaking approach to cryogenics continues to win over the industry."

The Big Fridge can be ordered today. Deliveries begin in Q3 2023.

About Maybell

Maybell Quantum is a Denver-based venture-backed quantum hardware startup. Maybell's mission is to deliver the world's best tools to solve the toughest quantum challenges, offering solutions that are more accessible, reliable, and affordable while building a work force and supply chain that advance US quantum leadership. Maybell is named after the coldest town in Colorado and in honor of Bell Labs. We apply barely-possible technologies to improving our planet and the lives of those living on it, furthering the frontiers of human progress.



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