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Quantum technology is rapidly evolving, but the tools supporting the quantum revolution aren’t keeping up. Dilution refrigerators, the backbone of quantum research, are difficult to use, notoriously unreliable, and hard to scale. That's where Maybell comes in.

Our redesigned dilution refrigerator enables more fridges per lab, more experiments per fridge, and unparalleled reliability, flexibility, and user experience.

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the qubit capacity


the footprint

10 mK

base temperature

Dilution refrigerators

The Fridge

Hassle free performance so you can focus on innovation

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The Big Fridge

Engineered for scale, designed for a quantum future

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Premium wiring


The performance of semi-rigid coax with a fraction the thermal load, footprint, and cost

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Other wiring

Offering the flexibility and standardization to seamlessly plug into almost any system

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