Maybell Quantum Salutes Elevate Quantum's EDA TechHub Designation

DENVER, CO – In a significant nod to the growing impact of quantum technologies in the US and beyond, the US Department of Commerce designated Colorado’s Elevate Quantum a Regional Technology Hub. Elevate Quantum was borne from the strategic vision of Corban Tillemann-Dick, founder and CEO of Maybell Quantum and now Chair of the Elevate Quantum Board. Elevate Quantum is committed to accelerating the development of quantum technologies and enhancing US economic and strategic security. TechHub designation promises to accelerate investment in quantum technology throughout the region in order to enhance US economic and strategic security.

"Quantum technologies will be as important to the next century as the integrated circuit has been to the last,” remarked Tillemann-Dick. “With Elevate Quantum, we brought together a coalition of more than 70 organizations across workforce development, higher ed, government, and industry with a shared vision and commitment to accelerating the impact of quantum on the broader economy. We’re hopeful that the investment Elevate Quantum secures for the industry helps researchers, startups, and scaled quantum companies to thrive both in the Mountain West and across the entire industry.”

“Colorado’s historic leadership in quantum is undeniable” says Zach Yerushalmi, CEO and Regional Innovation Officer of Elevate Quantum. “That history has built a strong foundation of research institutions and quantum companies. That said, the vision, innovation, and a focus on near-term economic that companies like Maybell bring to the region are a huge piece of what set us apart and led to Colorado receiving this coveted designation.”

Tech Hub designation was awarded as part of a $10 billion authorization within the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act of 2022, with a goal of spurring place-based investment in American innovation into technologies critical to US economic and national security. Ultimately, designation could help drive over $1 billion in federal funding to the region, to invest in workforce development, open-access quantum labs and maker spaces, a quantum-focused startup accelerator, and loan guarantees and other programs to help quantum companies scale.

“Elevate Quantum’s Tech Hub designation is an enormous opportunity for Maybell, the Mountain West, and the broader quantum industry,” Tillemann-Dick elaborated. “I'm extremely proud of Maybell's role in securing this recognition for our region. However, this was a collective effort by well over 100 individuals across 73 organizations in the region. Beyond that, without bipartisan backing for the CHIPS and Science Act signed by President Biden and for the National Quantum Initiative signed by the previous administration, as well as the continuous robust support from President Biden, state governments in New Mexico and Colorado, and our entire congressional delegation, this milestone would not have been achieved.”

As the demand for quantum technology grows globally, the Mountain West is poised to be at the forefront of this transformative shift. TechHub designation is an acknowledgment of both our past achievements and the potential and promise our region holds. With the collaboration between Elevate Quantum, Maybell Quantum, and the 70+ other partners in the consortium, we are more committed than ever to driving innovation, fostering economic growth, ensuring that the Quantum Century is inclusive and just, and helping build a better future through Quantum.

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