Other wiring

Semi-rigid coax

We offer traditional coaxial wiring options for customers seeking upgrade an existing system. All our wiring systems provide years of hassle-free operation in the most demanding cryogenic environments.

Our wiring options include CuNi-CuNi, NbTi-Nb-Ti, SCuNi- CuNi, and SS- CuNi, impedance matched to 50 Ohm. Most standard connectorization and attenuation profiles can be satisfied.

DC wiring

Twisted pair wiring can be incorporated through either the primary wiring inserts, or optional low-volume passthroughs. For the lowest thermal load, ultra-fine unsheathed 38 gauge twisted pairs are available. Alternatively, lower gauge twisted pairs bundled in Kevlar sleeves provide unsurpassed durability for applications that require frequent modification or at higher temperature stages.

Both room temperature and low-temperature connectorized can be adjusted to match client specifications, and break-outs can be added at any flange, for flexible device installation.

Fiber optics

Maybell’s system can incorporate most commercially available fiber optics through a hermetic fiber bulkhead with either FC/PC or FC/APC connectors, offering extremely high flexibility regarding wavelength and polarization properties.

Optical feedthroughs are available for M10 and M12 sizes.

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