The Big Fridge

Engineered for scale, designed for a quantum future

The Maybell Big Fridge offers the same groundbreaking innovation of The Fridge but with 2x more power, 4x more experimental volume, and hyper-scale-ready extensibility.

With a base temperature below 10 mK, capacity for more than 10,000 Flexline traces, and more than 130 L of sample volume, The Big Fridge offers the scale and performance needed for demanding quantum research.

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System overview

Base temperature

< 10 mK

Cooling power at 100 mK

> 1000 µW

Cooling power at 20 mK

> 28 µW

Sample space volume

> 130 L below MXC;  > 500 L above MXC (300 K – MXC)

Mixing chamber plate area

330 mm x 1030 mm (> 3,400 cm2)

SMA wire capacity

> 700

Flexline wire capacity

> 10,000 traces

Cool down time

< 36 hours

Best-in-class reliability

After decades designing and servicing dilution refrigerators, we understand how they fail. We've engineered The Big Fridge to eliminate the biggest causes of downtime, maintenance, and failure.

Why The Big Fridge?

Cool more with less

The Big Fridge harnesses cooling power with over 2x the wiring area per plate, cooling more wires and devices at the same nominal system performance. Our improved thermalization layout, more effective continuous heat exchanger system, and Flexlines mean there's never been a more efficient 1,000 uW system.

More fridges per lab

The Big Fridge offers huge performance in a small package. Taking up less than 20% as much space as comparable systems, our square form factor maximizes usable space while minimizing thermal mass, radiative heat loads, and laboratory footprint.

More experiments per fridge

Cool up to 10,000 superconducting traces with a fraction the space, power, and hassle of other scaled systems. The Big Fridge offers over 130 L of sample volume, 600 L of total internal volume, and 2,000 cm2 of wire capacity per plate—over 2x more than comparable systems

Innovate and iterate quickly

Our fridges are the only ones on the market that allow large samples to be wired entirely outside the fridge and loaded as a single assembly. The Big Fridge's radiation shields can be attached to the door, allowing bolt-free sample access in seconds. For an even quieter sample space, the mixing chamber and still shields can be secured to the floating isolation stages.  

Less noise—thermal, electrical, and acoustic

With IR absorbing mixing chamber coatings, thoughtful electrical isolation, and groundbreaking vibration isolation, The Big Fridge delivers an extraordinary experimental environment. Acoustic isolation of the pulse tube and compressors makes it a blessedly quiet labmate.

Smarter software

We've radically rethought how you control the system. Our open-source software enables industry-leading user experience and security while supporting integration with applications developed within your organization. The system can also be run fully air-gapped to meet the most stringent security specifications.


Upgrading to a Maybell system has never been easier. The thermalization plate spacing on The Big Fridge is compatible with competitor systems, allowing you to upgrade without changing wiring or custom fixtures.

Service guarantee

All Maybell fridges are covered by an extensive service warranty with same day response and “roadside assistance.”
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